Sunday, November 1, 2020

Susan Molinari a RINO? Op Eds She Is Voting For a Biden She Knew 23 Years Ago

 I think Susan Molinari has had her head buried in the sand

To believe what Trump has done for blacks, women, and Hispanics is anything but grand

She probably no longer reads economic stats

When before CV pandemic Trump pinned joblessness to the mat

Freed lower and middle class incomes from Obama/Biden stagnation

While being hounded and distracted by false Russian collusion allegations

Trump has used travel bans to stop the spread, put therapeutics, PPE and vaccines on development warp speed

What he has not done is to ape China dragging people off buses in to quarantine the government mandate they would need

He has railed against shutting down religion while bars, liquor stores and "protests" had free reign

Unwilling to shut country down country when most not in nursing homes deaths from infection would refrain

The Joe Biden Molinari once knew 23 years ago is no longer there

His brain by the increasing dementia has been snared

She should be thankful Fox will her opinion dribble share

Vote for Biden is a weakening of tools in CV fight and economic cupboard stripped bare.

© November 1, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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