Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Pelosi Rants Barrett Is Illegitimate Member of SCOTUS


Pelosi must have OD’d on her gourmet ice cream or latest injection of Botox
Her rant that Barrett is an “illegitimate” confirmee shows her brain barrier the toxin no longer blocks
If she wants to see illegitimacy she should look carefully in a mirror
Then look at a tape where her ripping up SOTUS she appears
Legitimate Speakers do not rip SOTUS into shreds
Without such cheap theatrics on TV they point out “deficiencies” instead
Pelosi is worse that a banana republic dictator who keeps her puppets in line
A living, breathing toxin infected TDS Stage 4 biased hack to define
This nation might have a chance to heal and mend
If Pelosi surrenders her gavel and to her ice cream freezer we send
© The Alaskanpoet

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