Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sydney Powell Needs To Put Up or Shut Up on Voter Switching and Fraud


If you want to learn of vote switch algorithms and conspiracies look to Sydney Powell
Her claim that millions of votes were switched by Dominion voting machines if true would make us in anger howl
She is promising evidence to support her conspiracy that Blues stole the election for Biden attack
Yet as of this date despite repeated requests that evidence she seems to lack
The 72 plus million votes who voted for Trump are skeptical of the fact he may have lost
Desperately want to believe in voter fraud, illegal Biden mail-ins and Trump ballots tossed
But Tucker Carlson who works for Fox with its “Fair and Balanced Creed”
As opposed to the MSM likes of CNN or MSNBC where objectivity has long since gone to seed
Is demanding that Powell release the evidence of fraud and switch she claims
Will not let on his show from the right any semblance of fake news to reign
She needs to put up or shut up while despite MSM rants we allow the court challenges to play out
In a nutshell that process is what adhering to ©©the rule of law is all about
And if Trump loses he needs to be the best transition supporter yet to be seen
We will survive Biden however truncated and Trumps efforts might be a step to the divisiveness from us wean.
© November 22, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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