Monday, November 16, 2020

Biden Silent on Antifa and BLM Thugs Attack on Peaceful MAGA D.C. Marchers

 As thousands of peaceful MAGA marchers marched in our capital peacefully

Antifa and BLM thugs attacked them in a violent injuring spree
From Biden who earlier had called on us Blue and Red to together heal
Must have thought the call can be ignored in their anti=Trump supporters’ zeal
Instead Biden used the wishy, washy Biden condemnation of violence two step
First step forward he condemned violence in all forms as inexcusable missteps
First step backwards was the Antifa and BLM thugs he did not name
Second step backwards was to condemn white supremacy signs as if marchers were to blame
Our ”healing” president-elect is aping Michelle’s “ we go high when they go low”
Then slamming Trump supporters for backing “lies, hate, chaos, and division” as a false call for unity she tries to sow
Her views and by his two step Biden’s view to bring back Trump supporters into the fold
If they express a different conservative view beat them up until they do what they are told
From his sidekick illegal alien supporter queen
Sounds of silence, expressions of only probably joy of seeing the violent scenes
© November 16, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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