Sunday, November 1, 2020

Renee Graham Compares Trump Supporters to ISIS Armed Caravan


Renee Graham blinded by bias and TDS Stage 4 Trump supports and ISIS compares
Sees no difference between Trump supporters and ISIS both the same condemnation  share
Trump flags and American Flags are not AK-47 assault rifles
Not symbols of beheading or free speech censoring or trying to stifle
Not sure where she went if even she went to any higher school
But Renee Graham’s comparison of Trump supporters to ISIS reveals her as a total fool
Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature would have to know
ISIS beheaded its victims trying to terror and intimidation sow
Last time I looked Trump supporters on his dealing with ISIS are all high fives
Leaders and jihadists have been hunted down like dogs and few are still alive
Graham should stick with her biased, closed mind to what she supposedly covers--art
Her comparisons clearly show from the world of intelligence she has chosen to depart
She needs to get down on her knees to Trump supporters who support freedom of the press
That the Boston Globe publishes her rants without outrage that advertising to it is not by boycotts suppressed
© November 1, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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