Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Big Apple Hit With Perfect Storm of Crime and Rats As De Blasio Is Shown to Be a Fool


The Big Apple is being hit by the Perfect Storm
Where shootings, violent crime, homeless, even rats are now the norm
Defund the police to reduce the number of cops
Eliminate ability of police to suspected criminals frisk and stop
Cursed with a mayor who is at war with the police
Shootings soar and many want to their time in the Thin Blue Line to cease
De Blasio blames the crime on CV causing him to close the schools
Science showing for kids they are the safest place from CV proves he is a total fool
News  flash to an out of touch Mayor Bill
Residents feel unsafe and out the city move they will
300,000 in last few months to join the many from high taxes who have already fled
How many will be left to be able to vote to this failure finally shed?
De Blasio sadly on rats is no Pied Piper
Rats gorging on uncollected trash getting riper and riper
Over 12,000 rat call sightings now on 311
Compared to 2019 at just over 9,000 when year was done
Under de Blasio the rats have become as large as bunnies
Replacing the Easter Bunny in NYC with the Easter Rat is tragic not funny

© November 22, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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