Saturday, October 31, 2020

Biden's CV Plan Platitudes and Plagiarisms No Action Only Shutdowns


Plagiarists like Biden have a fatal weakness called lack of original thought
And so has to copy others for the accolades or grades he has sought
Biden’s plan for fighting the virus is not even Trump plan version 2.01
Read his “plan” of platitudes and most of it Trump is doing in spades or already has done
Warp speed on test kits, therapeutics and vaccines with the private sector
Where Biden is out of his environment and useless as a massive project director
Testing done daily well over a million each day
Enhance to shorten significantly to the results display
Producing PPE in quantities so huge we have much to export
Has summoned Naval Hospital Ships and built CV hospitals in time so short
Pushing to reopen the schools where children like his own infected son quickly the virus shed
Calling for expanded testing and protection in nursing homes where too many thanks to Blue governors like Cuomo are now dead
Called for intelligent reopening of the country to collateral damages like OD’s or suicides to abort
Fought tooth and nail against Pelosi who wanted dollars for illegals for a workable CV only stimulus bill
To no avail as the Blues believe they can surely win if the economy is going downhill
Biden wants new Congress to come up with funding plan
While in the 90 days after election can complain Trump against virus not taking a stand
Like his new denial on ending fracking not credible he will not shut the nation down
A parting shot before the 25th enables Harris to take over from this mentally fading clown

© October 31, 2020   The Alaskanpoet

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