Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Facebook Censors New York Post Article on Hunter Biden as Facebook Co-Founder Funds Biden Super PAC

 A wise sage is one who says to solve corruption see where the money trail leads

In the case of Facebook censoring the Hunter NY Post Article great advice to heed

Mark Zuckerberg with a straight face that conceals his real intent

Justifying banning content to third party interference with our elections prevent

What Zuckerberg failed to the American people inform

Is that Facebook is the interference and wants to prevent any anti-Biden adverse storm

Face Forward, a pro Biden PAC, raised $66 million for ads for Biden campaign

A great amount of money to buy the airways and flush Trump’s messages down the drain

And who was a large contributor of these funds to tip the election scales?

Brian Moskovitz, Facebook co-founder with $22 million to insure Biden does not fail

The perfect election interference one two blow

Millions for ads to distort and block the truths so voters won’t know

For Blue, Red or Indie social media censorship by the likes of Facebook or Twitter should create a firestorm of rage

Demands that they are treated like utilities and denial of service under heavy fines they must not engage.

October 20. 2020 The Alasakanpoet

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