Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Too Little Too Late Trump Declassifies with No Redaction All Russian Collusion Probe Documents


When it came to not destroying documents and the consequences to then face

Hillary on Sam Irwin’s subcommittee staff learned to watch Nixon resign in disgrace

A lesson seared in her power hungry mind

Only fools leave incriminating evidence behind

Explains why she had a private server like Nixon’s private tape

Assumed that her quid pro quo emails from public and Congress would escape

Her idea of concealment came to naught

Surprise, surprise she was caught

The ghost of Nixon was whispering in her ear

Call them personal not work related and erase them my dear

As so she did but even with destroying devices with hammers

In frantic attempts to avoid for leaking classified material to escape the slammer

Erasing 30,000 e-mails of personal nature about spas, weddings and vacations

Perfectly legal in an attempt to avoid condemnation

Use Bleach bit to wipe any incriminating emails clean

Thought they would never again surface to be seen

For insurance started the Russian collusion probe delusion to detract focus on her emails

Get the CIA to bait the FBI to on a bogus collusion by Trump his presidency in the bud nail

Get Mueller picked and to pick his biased pro Clinton team

In the end failing as Mueller found no impeachment to fufill Clinton’s dream

FBI even with Comey, McCabe and Strzok fired lowered Iron Curtain of classified and sources and methods to disclosure deny

For over three long year document production has been slow walked or thwarted on each and every try

Little dribs and drabs declassified that provided hints of Clinton involvement in the plan to take Trump down

Finally more and more declassifications to hint of a Deep State plot with Clinton and Obama’s knowledge located in this town

It may be too little and too late but Trump today laid down the law

Everything pertaining to the probe is declassified and without redaction seen in the raw

The clocks is running out and if Senate flips to go with Trump loss all bets on justice are off

On December 31, Senate investigations are halted and Clinton and her Blues can safely sit back and scoff

A coup that failed but devoid of any consequences

Emboldened and feeling invincible Deep State standing by if it may have to ever again go on the offense

© October 6, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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