Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Social Media Censorship Is an Existential Threat to Our Democracy

 The first casualty is always truth in the event of a war

With victory or defeat in the balance you cannot help the other side know the score
Sadly in the era of social media the first casualty has become the truth
The monopolistic social media wants to keep voters from knowing it as they enter the voting booth
We have always been plagued with political exaggerations, misstatements, lies and smears
But social media blocked or banned accounts to keep you from facts being able to hear
So much more deadly to our democracy of bias of MSM by commission
An expanding  evil cousin of bias by omission
The troika of Facebook, Google and Twitter allied with the DNC
Has made a compact to limit what you can hear and what you can see
Stalin with his Iron Curtain must be in envy rolling in his grave
His Iron Curtain was not complete enough to Communist rule in Eastern Europe save
He could only airbrush from the Kremlin stand out of favor dissenters of the past
But could not from the West stop the ideas of dissent and freedom from being broadcast
But in the Social Media Era if you are blocked or banned you cease to exist
For the social media leftist elite with DNC allies the lure of censorship is too hard to resist
The 1st Amendment does not give Dorsey, Zuckerberg and their pals a censorship right
We are not in a war and there are no planes, ships or troops coming in sight
Liberty as we know it under the banning and blocking of social media will soon end
Love him or hate him but Trump with a Red Senate and a weakened or flipped House is our only chance to stop this trend
We must sever the unholy alliance of social media and the DNC
And require social media is treated as to access and content like a public utility
Only in the case of calling for riots, violent acts, crimes or treason can a person or content be blocked
If we cannot so do, our 1st Amendment is a hollow reed the forces of violence will mock

 © October 19, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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