Saturday, October 10, 2020

Biden Corollary to Ginsburg Rule Voters Don't Deserve to Know How on Court Packing He Will Vote


It may be frustrating to Senators looking for sound bites
During hearings before them during a confirmation fight
But ever since Ruth Ginsburg proclaimed the Ginsburg rule
Senators could not get answers on future cases the nominee would rule
They would have to do their jobs and through writings and decisions sift
To make predictions on issues and even then like Earl Warren not know if future opinions would shift
But the Ginsburg Rule sadly did not prevent
The ad hominem and attacks Blue Senators did not relent
Bork and Thomas hearings were savage partisan disgrace
Thomas survived the lynching but Bork was left with a new word into the English language to place
Gorsuch was ravaged because McConnell refused to a garland over his tie wear
Blues were outraged and ranted that even when one party controlled Oval Office and Senate not voting on Garland was not fair
But Gorsuch hearings were a church picnic to the storm over Kavanaugh
Over false decades old claims of high school sexual assault he was tossed into the partisan Blue maw
Even the to be felon convicted Avenatti joined the anti-Kavanaugh parade
With false and preposterous claims of gang rapes in an ongoing charade
Feinstein held back Ford’s allegations until hearings were done
Then released in a desperate attempt to have his rejection won
He strongly defended himself outraged at the damage to his family and his reputation
Blues stooping so low as to then levy a lack of judicial temperament condemnation
Today a new attempt at Borking on Amy Coney Barrett will soon start
But now in addition to ad hominem attacks Blues from history will depart
If she is confirmed and Biden wins and Senate flips they will pack the court
To strip it of independence and any chance to frustrate a Blue agenda abort
Biden refuses to tell voters his stand on court packing with the Biden Corollary to Ginsburg Rule
Voters don’t deserve to know for to him they are a bunch of puppet fools
We only get to know after Election Day
Such an unbelievable arrogance and voter contempt on display
Such an utter contempt for honesty, such disgusting nerve
Not telling us what we must know this dementia politician our votes does not deserve

 © October 10, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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