Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Focus on Pre-CV Economy Success and Biden's Prescription to End in Economic Disaster

 When Hunter admitted his no experience in all matters relating to oil

Yet is hired by Ukraine's Burisma to achieve a $million a year BOD's goal

When with no investing experience the Chinese are putting over a billion on his plate

How can one not believe that Joe is not opening for his son the quid pro quo gate

Emails are not false and on Chinese deal talk of "Big Guy with 10%" share

Sure sounds like a comprise with Chinese Communists of which we should be beware

Trump wants to spend time and focus when he has much bigger fish to fry

His past success of pre CV economy that Biden could not ape no matter how hard he tried

Must focus on how a Biden victory would make the economy so much worse

Will be devastated to the over regulation and high taxes including those less than 400 Grand curse

Must leave the urge to take the bait let Biden uninterrupted talk

More words spoken the greater chance viewers will see the gaffs, lapses and dementia stalk

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