Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pelosi Wants To Move Stimulus Now Forward To Avoid Sweeping Up Trump's Dung

 We used to think Pelosi’s rants and bias was caused by Botox injections abuse

But after almost 4 years more likely TDS Stage 4 metastasizing is causing her synapses’  disuse

From her rants that the Trump Tax Cut in 2017 was only scraps of crumbs

Proved by the surging employment and rising income to be idiotic and dumb

To the early outbreak of CV and Trump China travel ban

Urging visitors to enjoy Chinese New Year in her Feces City land

To after having to endure as Speaker Trump’s SOTUS speech

Ripped it up in disrespect showing her TDS Stage 4 her brain barrier had breached

Solidified the finding by keeping House in recess away

While stuffing her face with gourmet ice cream from her $20,000 freezer 2 display

Hell bent to reward illegal aliens with stimulus relief

Ignoring jobless Americans’ sense of despair and grief

Now throwing a gauntlet down to Reds to try to reach a preelection deal

Not to help Americans survive but her real reason she reveals

Climbing further and further down lack of civility and TDS Stage 4 rung

Assuming Biden will win she doesn’t want to have to sweep up the Trump elephant dung

Idiotic words from a Speaker who must be oblivious to what her voters endure in SFO streets

Puddles of urine, piles of used needles, unswept smelly feces coating sidewalks and OD’d homeless to meet

© October 18, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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