Thursday, October 8, 2020

Pelosi Has lost Her Mind Calling for 25th to Replace Trump


It looks like Pelosi at her news conference has had a massive OD Botox injection
Any rational thought her Botox polluted mind condemned to rejection
Or Trump Derangement Syndrome Stage 4 has caused her to lose her mind
With her 25th Amendment call her derangement clear to anyone not blind
From the day Trump down an escalator came
Blues have resisted then morphed into the coup removal game
Strike 1 was the Mueller probe fueled by the Clinton paid for dossier from Steele
That false Russian collusion it was supposed to reveal
Millions spent on the Mueller witch-hunt
Strike 2 was the alleged phone call that prompted the partisan impeachment stunt
With Biden laughing as his son Hunter took Burisma millions to the bank
In the Senate Schiff’s and Nadler’s rants were tossed into the tank
Now the final pitch on this never ending coup attempt
For which Pelosi merits loss of gavel and our eternal contempt
Strike 3 on Pelosi to remove Trump with the 25th Amendment
She’s out and back to the dugout in shame she should be sent
Trump has tested positive for CV but is on the mend
Discharging his duties and no basis to back to civilian life today send
By Pelosi what a pathetic, contemptible, partisan stunt
When more than ever we need leaders of stature not pathetic TDS Stage 4 runts

© October 8, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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