Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Another Night of Looting and Riots in the City of Brotherly Love


The City of Brotherly Love is definitely for two nights not
1000 looters into the streets not for justice for Wallace Williams to be sought
But to loot stores to the bare shelves stripped to the bone
Loading down with all manner of goodies like a refrigerator to put in their home
Wallace Williams was not a saint already facing a criminal trial
Should not have been killed but for the knife looking hostile
The mentally ill very often cannot control what in stressful situations the do
There has to be a better way of deescalating conflicts that lead to shootings we then rue
Costa Mesa and Newport Beach when the paramedics are called
A firetruck usually rolls with them to see what other dangers may evolve
If the 911 call indicates the assailant is mentally ill
Or maybe has discontinued his anti-mental illness pills
A paramedic van with mental health professionals should also arrive
Police stand down unless they or  bystanders are at risk
If they are even without mental health there right to use deadly force exists
They are not in danger with police on scene and may help the assailant to calm down and survive
One thing is certain that riots should never be condoned only condemned
But if we don’t get a handle of cop on black shootings they will happen again and again

© October 27, 2020  Michael P. Ridley aka  The Alaskanpoet

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