Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Jane Fonda Praises Over 200,000 Dead Americans as a Gift from God


In the 60’s Jane Fonda went to North Vietnam to them and Viet Cong praise
While Americans over the skies of Hanoi were being shot down on many days Photographed on a AAA she was to become known as “Hanoi Jane”
Even though a photo op it looked like she wanted to down American planes
She has been back in the news before the pandemic curse
Flying in private jets to the Swamp to protest climate before it gets worse
Total hypocrite but typical of what from the elite “celebs” we have come to expect
Such hypocrisy destroyed her cause, made it easy to reject
But now she’s on another sick crusade even more totally flawed
Praises CV pandemic as a true gift from God
To Biden and the left to be able to Trump defeat
The dead Americans like the pilots’ death to repeat
In her sick psychotic mind over 200,000 dead Americans is a cheap price to pay
To be able to send the  Trumps from White House packing and be on their way
So too the millions who have lost jobs, businesses , lost all but their shirts
Who are and have been in an increasing world of hurt
Or the thousands in pandemic causing it’s hopeless despair
Who have hit the spouse, bottle, needle or suicide button to life no longer bear
While an aging financially well off Hanoi Jane on her sick Biden crusade is well
While the rest of us mere mortals wonder when she will die and go where she belongs in Hell!

© October 7, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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