Sunday, October 25, 2020

Harris Wants Blacks to Forget the Biden Crime Bill to Honor Ancestors' Fight for Civil Rights

 Harris proclaims with a straight face

Voting for Biden will honor our ancestors who fought to end the absence of Civil Rights disgrace

She must have a Biden like memory to forget his role in the 1994 crime bill

That sent black males behind bars for crack cocaine and other illegal drug pills

Gave money to states to build prison to hold the drug violators surge

In so doing contributed to from black families fathers purge

I am sure Biden today rues his former stance

Like Trump is in favor of black economic and civil rights to advance

Like all of us he has the right to learn from and a different path take

But Harris is out to lunch saying a vote for him is a vote for ancestors who fought for Civil Rights is a huge mistake

Trump has put with jobs money in blacks' pockets

Biden can only spout racist and Trump's record really can't believably knock it

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