Sunday, October 4, 2020

SNL (Sick Negative Losers) Mocks Trump's Coronavirus Infection


In the days of Land Sharks, Cone Heads, Two Wild and Crazy Guys
Saturday Night Live was hilarious and belly laughs from watching you could rely
Now reduced to political sarcasm and satire that from TDS Stage 4 reeks
When it comes to comedy the only phrase to describe it is “pathetically weak”
The SNL acronym now means “Sick Negative Losers” with sick leftist political spin
The ghosts of Belushi, Farley and Radner rolling in their graves as losers never win
Skits at the old SNL made us each Saturday night really laugh
As a cast of talented comedians practiced their laugh provoking craft
Replaced by the likes of Baldwin in his bitter Trump impersonation attacks
Humor and comedy now the show completely lacks
Not funny to feel compassion for the virus per opening monologue of Chris Rock
Or to wish instead for a lengthy recovery as Trump’s infection is mocked
Mere mortals know there is nothing to laugh about a CV infection
Pray for president and Melania and make another channel selection

 © October 4, 2020 the Alaskanpoet   

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