Saturday, October 3, 2020

Outdoor Media Blocks Anti-China Anti Human Rights Billboard

 Lebron James typifies the American Dream in spades

Turned pro out of high school to join the millionaires parade

His high school was Catholic billing itself as college prep

Not sure that qualifies for his pronouncements on the world for us to accept

Basketball is a sport that causes almost everyone

To buy $200 a pair shoes made in a country that human rights shun

On China's assault on human rights he seems to ape Rodman's praise of Kim Jong Un

So quick to support BLM issues or condemn racism under any rock

Criticism of China's human rights abuses he's quicker to block

A group wanting to post a billboard touting "Silence is Violence"

With a masked Lebron with a Chinese flag over his mouth must have caused offense

Outdoor Media refused to allow a human rights group a billboard on which to post

Can't insult China who with IP theft, CV, and military buildup wants to destroy us the most

Whose words should America choose?

If Outdoor Media not human rights we all lose

© October 3, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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