Sunday, October 18, 2020

How Biased Will Kristen Welker Be


In the next and last debate here is the $64 question for those who support Trump
Will moderator Kristen Welker her perceived pro Biden bias be able to dump?
Or will she be more like moderator Steven Scully who also favored Biden in the race
And because of his clear bias was terminated by his network in disgrace?
Trump has already on a perceived lack of objectivity raised the bar
Perhaps so chastised she will dump bias and become an objectivity lodestar
After the rumble and interruptions of the first debate
Where thirst for insults and hostilities neither of them could sate
Trump supporters hope the questions to both sides are more like hardball
here Biden if left to ramble on will hit the gaffe and dementia wall
Without interrupting Trump has to pin Biden on issues down
Like on court packing, Hunter’s indiscretions, fracking, or the economy closed and watch it drown
Sadly millions have already voted and no matter how many Biden lapses or gaffes
Too many may have voter remorse as opposed to pity or laughs

© October 18, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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