Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Biden Caves On Refusal to Respond on Packing Because Voters Don't Deserve to Know


Many Reds believe that Biden when it comes to dealing with his party’s left wing
Will yield without a fight to any liberal ideas to the table they want to bring
The Biden Green New Deal touted as moderate in scope
Will be left at the altar as the left with AOC’s Green New Deal will elope
On the issue of packing also Biden is expected to lack a spine
After election if a winner on packing he will toe the leftist line
Explains why an answer to how he will proceed he says we do not deserve
Under pressure by voters he now will say after Barrett vote if judicial independence he will preserve
More days added to the delay to allow more early voting to occur
Hopes that after announcement he favors packing enough Blues have voted to his win insure
If he deviates from leftist demands and says no doesn’t need big turnout to Oval Office go
Biden like a man without spine is more like a weather vane
With polls favoring Barrett and opposing packing he may well from packing refrain

© October 20, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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