Monday, August 3, 2020

Year Barely Half Over and NYC under De Blasio Exceeds 2019 Shootings For Yearfore

The Big Apple has become the Big Shooting Gallery
As 2020 not even done and already city has equaled 2019 shooting tally
770 people have been shot and if the shooters Chicago’s shootings ape
95% will be color on color shootings that a victim of color could not escape
The numbers are dwarfed by Chicago but still
The increase while not surprising is a bitter pill
Far too many victims of color as part of a never ending butcher’s bill
Should not come as a shock or surprise as De Blasio inanely cuts funds from the NYPD till
Imagine being a NYC cop knowing the mayor and city council do not have your back
Why when mayor appears at cop funeral they turn as any respect for him they lack
The defund the police or euphemized by reimaging the police
Is guaranteed to have violent crime not be reduced but rather to increase
Given the attacks on officers soon no amount of money will be worth the risk
Of wearing a bulls eye badge and public safety and law and order will cease to exist
De Blasio has but one skill that he has quickly shown
Under his ineptness safety so quickly has disappeared and violent crime grown
© August 2, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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