Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Hillary on DNC Stage Still Laments and Cannot Accepot 2016 Loss


Hillary was on the DNC stage to once again reveal
Her nonacceptance of her failure to have won in 2016 she still cannot conceal
Implied that Blues have to win in a landslide or the election will be lost
Warned in essence that without a landslide their win will be into the trashcan tossed
With a straight face while resisting Trump to the last fiber in her inner core
Really hoped Trump would have been a great president racking up the approval score
Like so many hindsight Blues who on the virus had nothing useful to propose
Blames Trump for deaths and the businesses that were shut down and had to close
Perfect example of a hypocrite that as to our sufferings she could not care less
Only sadness that the presidency would have launched new quid pro quos she would never have suppressed
Bill would have been on the speaking trail
Nailing million plus dollar speaking fees without fail
No need to sell a sleepover at the Lincoln Bedroom for a few paltry thousand bucks
With the Clinton Foundation raking in dollars in a steady flood in open mode stuck
Nice try Hillary but again it did not work
From your election delusion we need to shirk

© August 19, 2020 Michael P. Ridley

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