Wednesday, August 12, 2020

San Francisco Plan to Put Homeless Addicts and Booze and Drug Room Service a Failure


The Feces City by the Bay has finally seen the error of its ways
The plan of finding hotel rooms for which the homeless would stay
After a meth lab was found in one, the plan will be coming to an end
Giving addicts booze and drug tools will not to a path of sobriety them send
Maybe the city fathers desperate to clean up the streets
Where people any walking are blocked by tents, garbage, needles and feces to greet
Assumed the only way to get addicts off the streets and into rooms
Was to continue to supply them with the products that would bring them doom
For those homeless not addicts or alcoholics only people down on their luck
Imagine their horror of residing next to using addicts and alcoholics  and there being stuck
Why were the rooms not mandated as no drug or alcohol use allowed
With rehab services to help them break the certain path to an early shroud?
Might have taken a lot more time, effort and thought
But just getting them off the streets to continue addictions is guaranteed failure to be sought
Homelessness is a growing problem that Blue cities can no longer ignore
Residents of high-priced city homes can no longer tolerate passed out or OD’d ones at their front door
Aiding an addict to continue to use is a sure path to an early death
His room will be in demand for another new addict addicted to meth
Rehab may not always be the solution and for many it may not be the key
But it is a Hell of a lot better than “Welcome to your new digs, the booze and drugs are on me.”

© August 12, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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