Friday, August 28, 2020

Biden Co-sponsored Bill That Put Her In Prison For LIfe Trump Pardoned Her Yet To Biden Trump Is A Racist Go Figure


Only in America with the MSM in a pronounced tilt
Does a riot become a peaceful protest while burning down shops and buildings built
Only in America is a water bottle thrown at police not a weapon to employ
Ignores the fact the water is frozen and a pound of ice will a cop’s face  destroy
Only in America can the NPR sucking up taxpayer funds piously proclaim
That calling  a riot in Portland, Oregon is using a racist name
Only in America can a president pardoning a black woman for her first non violent drug offense
Was sentenced to life when that sentence given the crime lacks all manner of compassion and common sense
Can by his opponents be called a racist to his every inner core
While his opponent in the senate cosponsored the bill that to this woman threw away the key and locked the door
And with a straight face or maybe because his memory is fading so fast
Allow the opponent to claim support of blacks just like in every election they have done in the past
Only in America can we thanks to the likes of Joe Biden sweep the streets clean of blacks to do time
Making possession or sale of crack cocaine a serious felony crime
With black families thus destroyed and father influences so very rare
Are so many young blacks on a path to a prison cell with a hardened expert criminals to share
When all you have left to Trump try to defeat
Is I am a decent man and Trump is a racist charge to him greet
No wonder Biden is in a basement Fuhrer Bunker more and more isolated from American mainstream
Totally oblivious to the damage his and his handlers’ socialist policies will do to the American Dream
Already the hue and cry to prevent the American voters to see Biden’s mental decay
To push back time past the early voting so there won’t be enough votes left to cast to his lack of mental fitness the election sway
And to seal the election win that debates revealing Biden’s mental fitness would for certain ruin
Pelosi is already demanding no debates at all to save Biden from being exposed as a complete inept mental buffoon.

© August 28, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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