Friday, August 14, 2020

Bring Them Back to Stimulus Gridlock Solve

 Before air conditioning, it was understandable why Congress was anxious to leave town

Now with cooling air in office, cars and homes, their bailing disgusts us and makes us frown

More so now with a needed stimulus bill going nowhere with fingers pointing blame

Without a stimulus bill most of us believe both parties merit only shame

We thought we elected leaders when we sent them to Swamp town

Sucking on their paychecks it looks like we’ve elected only a  bunch of clowns

This poet believes he knows where the blame lies

Leftist goody bags not related to the pandemic the Senate will quickly deny

Better time spent would be to bring them back

Into a crowed auditorium with social distancing but air conditioning lack

Whack their salaries each day they remain apart

Force them to ditch ad hominem attack and for once try being smart

Keeping Pelosi from her well stocked gourmet ice cream cache

Her discomfort may create a push to through the gridlock crash

Millions of jobless are nearing their last dollars

Ignored by Congress no matter the intensity of the holler

As much a bad taste for kick the can down the road and problems ignore

At least without bells and whistle,  unemployment and stimulus checks and aid to schools and business must pass on the floor.

© August 14, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 


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