Saturday, August 1, 2020

Chicago Black on Black Shootings Ignored But Not Assaults in White Tourist Areas

When it comes to reality, Mayor Lightfoot has been improperly named
It’s not her feet but her head her surname shames
She rules over a city where black on black shootings are on an exponential rise
Her response is not to try to solve the problem but her critics demonize
Today the race card is the currency of all Blues to never leave home without it
Dropped without hesitation against anyone who disagrees even though it does not fit
In Chicago some 95% of the shootings are color on color leaving victims wounded and the dead
When we need more and better trained police, problem is ignored we get defund the police instead
Blacks are dying by black guns, dropping like flies
Only sounds of silence, the killings Mayor Lightfoot seems to deny
Yet when in a tourist area of Chicago criminal assaults raise their despised head
No sounds of silence, only 200 more police to the scene sent instead
Black lives don’t matter unless shot by a cop
Don’t count if black on black and nothing done to the number drop
But if in a tourist area probably flocking with wealthy whites
It’s all hands on deck to descend to get into the shooting prevention fight
That sounds like the true definition of racism that calls out a black mayor
No matter how many blacks are shot or killed, Lori Lightfoot could not in the slightest care
© August 1, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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