Sunday, August 9, 2020

Compromise Needed Now More Than Ever as CV Stimulus Dead in Water

 Money may be the mothers’ milk of politics

But compromise is the glue to any dysfunctional system fix

This country is in a war with an invisible enemy that is bringing its economy to its knees

Yet despite the clear and present danger of increasing deaths, lost jobs, our parties cannot agree

The $600 per week unemployment extra benefit to allay for the jobless the CV curse

Has expired but by paying more to not work it was something somewhat perverse

Pelosi ramroded through a Blue complacent House a complex relief bill

1600 pages that provided aid to illegals, mail in voting, SALT cap end and took $3 trillion from federal till

Kept the $600 per week until end of year, a trillion to state deficits, even those before the pandemic, to help erase

Instead of a Pelosi inspired millions to Kennedy Center, $1.5 billion for an aging FBI Building to replace

The Blues wanted to lower unemployment to $200 per week and in addition to aid to schools and small business wanted to neglect

Hiring employers who followed the CV guidelines to from lawsuits protect

From suits of returning employees getting CV and the litigation route choosing to select

On litigation protection from Pelosi a howling Pavlovian reject  

Only a trillion but more than $200 as Trump’s executive orders upped to $400 with a moratorium on payroll tax

While Blues and Reds before the cameras railed with sanctimonious bluster

Compromise is nowhere to be seen and Trump and the American people are showing their fluster

We need to lock these Reps and Senators who are being paid full boat into a room and make a deal

Anything that is not directed to CV relief or recovery enhancement from the room is repealed

Anyone who engages in ad hominem demonization that brings negotiations to a standstill is censured and maybe fined

What these political ostriches don’t realize is that for millions of jobless, they and we are running out of time

Politics of party over nation must immediately come to an end

Or we voters must back to their homes these incumbents permanently send.

© July 27, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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