Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Calling Republicans Enemies of the State Requires Pelosi to Be Censured


In the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, the early morning knock on the door was a great fear
Nothing good and usually meant the secret police were now here
The suspect or culprit would then be hauled off in restraints into the night
Most likely never again to surface or be seen in sight
If the suspect were lucky enough to have a show trial
So at least friends and family would know his fate after the prosecutors vented their bile
Prison, gulag, concentration camps, or death always the same justification for his fate
The suspect charged was found to be adjudged as an enemy of the state
Pelosi as the Speaker of the House is supposed be the paragon for decorum and proper debate
Sadly as we have seen following the State of the Union Speech on Trump she is consumed with hate
She must be coming unhinged or fearful that a mentally deficient Biden will lose
Or maybe she had a bad batch of Botox or flavored her gourmet ice cream with booze
In all seriousness calling Republicans “Enemies of the State”
Are the words of a lawless tyrant that should make one quake
From a member of the House, especially the Speaker, the words have no place
And she by Censure must be disgraced
She has become unhinged and for her rhetoric should be censured
Only way from her lips in the future civility and decorum can we procure
Problem is that the Blues cower due to her fund raising prowess and reach
And like puppets on her puppet master’s strings do not have the spines to her will breach

© August 25, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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