Sunday, August 16, 2020

Defund Police and the Perfect Violent Crime Storm

 It should be an axiom that no sane person would doubt

If you have more police on the streets crime increases will die out
But if due to perceived white guilt there is a need to defund the police
As sure as the Sun comes up in the morning the crime rate will increase
If the D.A.s choose not to prosecute those that the police have arrested
A sense of invincibility to commit more crime by the released thugs will be ingested
In our Blue run cities we a witnessing the Perfect Storm
That periclitates to have our safety shattered and shorn
A growing movement to defund or reimage the police
As violent crimes and murder rates soar through the roof and increase
Blue Mayors and City Councils send out the messages to police  loud and clear
“We do not have your back” ignoring the fact that police with early retirement and resigning will start to disappear
When an armed thug is pounding on your door
And your frantic 911 calls are being ignored
Unless you are armed and trained with more firepower
You can only pray and in a locked interior room cower
In this rush to defund to pay homage to the BLM and white privilege guilt
Why has not more dollars for training, better pay and body and dashboard cams been the tilt?
Sadly we seem on an accelerating return to the Wild, Wild West
Where everyone is armed when there are not enough police to arrest
And not enough D.A.’s eager to arrested thugs prosecute
The true way to rip out violent crimes from our cities by the roots

© August 16, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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