Saturday, August 8, 2020

COVID-19 Release and Defund the Police Danger to Law Abiding Citizens


It is a travesty that in many places especially those Blue run cities and states
An arrestee for potential freedom does not have long to wait
An illegal arrested who can post the 10% bond fee to post bail
Is out ready to flee to Mexico and when court arrives his appearance fails
Now another travesty is rearing its public safety head
Inmates even violent felons are being released rather than serving time instead
Because their short stay has reformed them and to crime they will never return
One who believes that myth really has a need for a lot on human nature to learn
No, prisons and jails are crowded spaces in cells, eating areas and on the yards
Social distancing practiced on the outside is difficult and way too hard
The pandemic in a jail or prison can quickly from inmate to inmate and even to guards quickly spread
The liberal solution rather than continued confinement is to release them into the community instead
Many cases without parole or electronic monitoring or even house arrest
Hoping that somehow out from behind bars their criminal proclivities will be suppressed
While the freeing of prisoners continues due to fear of COVID-19
Reduction of police meaning longer responses if any to 911 calls to be seen
Law abiding citizens are left with no alternative but buy and own arms
To shoot and kill any intruder trying to bring upon them and their family harm
But that slender thread of safety is also being shred
Produce a gun for defense and you may wind up in jail instead
Icing on the cake is the move by a leftist biased New York AG to disband the NRA
The group bringing gun safety and filing law suits to cause 2nd Amendment violation laws to go away
A crazy dangerous world for those backing law and order that could even get worse
If Biden protected and sheltered by the MSM gets elected an implements his defunding police and gun confiscation
© August 8, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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