Friday, August 21, 2020

Rubin Mocked for Crying at DNC and Praising Cuomo

 Rubin needs to change her profile as to conservatives her claim to be one is a disgrace Was she moved to cry or hit by a realization that a dementia Biden would not Trump replace? Whatever ever credibility this "journalist" thought she had must be flushed down the drain For her to praise Cuomo's response of sending COVID-19 positive patients to Nursing Homes and ADLs was insane This biased idiot has not talked to the families of nursing home patients who with the infected COVID-19 admitted soon died Alone, in agony and the first rule of a pandemic to isolate and protect the elderly denied Rubin has TDS Stage 4 so bad she cannot see the blood on Cuomo's hands No apology from this narcissist who was never wrong but on this could not pull his head up from the sand

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