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Auguast 30, 2020 Ridley's Believe It Or Not International Whale Shark Day


Ridley's Believe It Or Not August 30, 2020
        CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues with 230,906 new cases (a .92%  increase compared to a 1.18% increase yesterday) to bring the total over 25 million to 25,321,974 cases, 6,832,989  of  which  are active, 18,488,985 of which have been closed with 17,640,001 recoveries (95.41% compared to  yesterday’s 95.38%) and 848,984 deaths (4.59% compared to yesterday’s 4.62%) to continue the trend of increased recovery percentages and decreased mortality percentages.

        CV USA Cases: New cases of 146,657 with total cases over 6 million at 6,015,369 (a 2.43% increase compared to yesterday’s 1.87% increase) with 2,559,014 active cases of which 16,024, on a downward trend with slight blips from over 19,000 in the last 3 weeks (16,190 yesterday), are in serious or critical condition as trend continues to go down, and 3,603,012 closures, 187,083 of which have been deaths (5.19% compared to yesterday’s 5.22%) and 3,415,929 of which have been recoveries (94.81% compared to yesterday’s 94.78%) (our death rate percentages continue to improve and are finally in single digits since Cuomo repealed on May 10 his order sending CV positive patients to nursing homes and ADL facilities and on a deaths per million population measurement at 565 ranks behind Peru (866), Belgium (853) Spain (620), UK (611), Italy (587), Chile (587) and Sweden (576),  now 1 behind Brazil (566) and only slightly worse than Mexico (494). We have now conducted     81,834,420 tests (more than (736,000 more tests than those done yesterday and now at 246,155/M compared to Russia at 249,953/M).
       Non CV Case News: Another night another riot in the City of Rocks ruled by a spineless  we don’t need federal help or National Guard mayor that became deadly as a pro Trump supporter was shot and killed by anti-Trump and most likely BLM supporters (residents of the City of Roses deserves a mayor with a spine instead of a panderer to the left who will regain control of the streets); in another example of why we should support Blue Lives, a memorial to Charles Wilson, a Philadelphia black police officer who was killed protecting citizens in course of an armed robbery and honored by President Obama, was defaced by graffiti ACAB FTP (All cops are bastards F—k the police (disgusting and will turn more and more people from supporting BLM and their push to end police brutality); we are all somewhat leery of eating in a restaurant afraid that in addition to your meal you might get an unwanted appetizer of the CV but in Chicago you might get shot as 6 people were on Saturday, eating pancakes under a tent set outside the restaurant, on of whom died; Mayor De Blasio’s wife doesn’t ride the subways but ordinary non protected citizens do one of whom was attacked by an attempting  rapist while waiting on the platform for a subway but was saved by the intervention of bystanders (Jose Reyes had been arrested 3 times before and this scumbag from facial recognition has been identified and arrested); when it comes to “journalists” with TDS Stage 4, MSNBC has a deep bench as Tiffany Cross subbing in for “Joy” Reid slammed the 12 black speakers at the RNC as like watching a black minstrel show (asserting the speakers weren’t black shows how terrified the Blues are that they are losing their plantation voting slaves); Senator Murphy of Connecticut once again showed what a pathetic biased hack he is by lambasting Trump for killing people at gatherings of his supporters while remaining silent over the risks of spreading CV during the massive riots we have seen in cities like Kenosha and Minneapolis.

      Chicago/Baltimore Gun Violence: In Chicago as of August 29, 2020, the number of shootings increased to 2,793 of whom 471 have died (total travesty of BLM when blacks are shot and killed by blacks in droves and only sounds of silence and complete absence of any protests in front of City Hall demanding action to curb the killings and shootings); Baltimore with a fraction of Chicago’s population and hoping against all hopes that 2020 will not be a record in terms of deaths but now seems to be shooting less and killing less and is now 256 behind Chicago at 215 murders (when will Chicago and Baltimore get serious about this carnage or is this the case of true racism as a Blue run city turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to the slaughter of people of color by people of color and when will the left focus on the problem of color on color shootings in Blue run cities which  have  been way  more  deadly and way more numerous than shootings by  police or by random mass shootings which occur with significantly less frequency?).
       As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this day in history, a musical link to “Swinging on a Star” by Bing Crosby,  the fact that you do not suffer from phagomania, and a quote by Clint Eastwood on Ruby Ridge, 
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1. International Day of the Disappeared—observed since 2007 to promote awareness of the plight of citizens living under totalitarian regimes that just disappear forever if viewed by the authorities to be a threat to the regimes.

       2. International Whale Shark Day—celebrating since 2012 an effort to promote awareness of the dangers posed to these gigantic sharks who feed on krill and plankton but are prized by, you guessed it, the Chinese for their fins to end up illegally in a bowl of shark fin soup.

       3. 1944 Number One Song— the number 1 song in 1944 on a run of 9 weeks was “Swinging on a Star” by Bing Crosby. Here us a recording of the song: 

       4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “phagomania” which means excessive desire for eating and drinking which is a ticket to obesity and protential diabetes.

       5.  If You Are Going to Kneel Down Pray not Just Pretend--celebrating the birth on this day in 1935 of noted singer and songwriter and member of the Mamas and Papas but who struggled with heroin, cocaine and alcohol to the point of having a liver transplant and continuing to drink following the surgery and his heart gave out due to the abuse and he died on March 18, 2001 at age 65.

        On this day in:

        a. 1914 in a classic double envelopment movement, the Germans defeated a superior Russian force at the Battle of Tannenburg.
        b. 1918 Fanni Kaplan shot but did not kill Vladimir Lenin but refused to cooperate to reveal who may have assisted her and she was shortly executed thereafter.

        c. 1945 Douglass MacArthur the Allied Supreme Commander landed at Atsugi Air Base in Japan to take over ruling the country.
         d. 1967 Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as the first African-American judge on SCOTUS.

         e. 1992 the 11 day standoff with federal agents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho ended with Randy Weaver’s surrender to federal authorities.

         Reflections the federal assassinations at Ruby Ridge: “At Waco, was there really an urgency to get those people out of the compound at that particular time? Was the press going to make it look heroic for the Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, And Firearms? At Ruby Ridge, there was one guy in a cabin at the top of the mountain. Was it necessary for federal agents to go up there and shoot a 14-year-old in the back and shoot a woman with a child in her arms? What kind of mentality does that?”— Clint Eastwood

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