Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mayor Lightfoot Protected by Cops as Blacks in Chicago Die Like Flies


Being a black living in Chicago is like being condemned to live in Hell

Never knowing if this is the day that you will be for whom the Tolling of a funeral bell

Steady stream of gunfire, morning, noon and night

Blacks shot by blacks on the streets in drive byes, stalkers, or walkers in plain sight

The victims are not marked by riots or peaceful protests by Black Lives Matter

No aid or comfort to a family who by loss has had their lives shattered

Most of the shootings and murders remain unsolved

As safety becomes an illusion as in to killing grounds the streets evolve

But while the police seem unable to put a damper on the rash of killings

There is one house in the city that gets a very safe to its occupants billing

Mayor Lori Lightfoot whose relationships with the CPD have been a disaster

Who is incapable of asking for National Guard or federal help to the killings try to master

Was smart enough to require the police to provide a 24/7 guard detail

With enough men and guns to insure any danger to her and her family would fail

So typical of the Blue in power for decades elite

We are safe but our plantation voting slaves dodge death and maiming in the streets

To blacks tired of the mayhem and dismissal of their plight by Blues and the BLM

What do you have to lose by voting Red and the violence their trying to stem?

© August 22, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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