Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Video Showing Black Murder Suspect Killing Himself Nips Minneapolis Riot in the Bud


It is now without any doubt that if a black is killed by police a riot will follow
Any acts of authorities like firing and arresting the officers will ring hollow
To BLM regardless of the facts or clear justification for the officers being shot at to defend themselves
Dog whistles are blown to summon rioters to burn and loot, pulling all manner of goods off the shelves
The insanity and rush to burn and loot
Is present in spades when a cop decides he must shoot
Today in Minneapolis we witnessed the insanity of BLM ‘s excess
A black murder suspect near a mall was shot and killed and the mob gathered to need for justice to address
Slight problem on the way to the forum as cops moved in to the suspect arrest and detain
Not wanting to face prison, the suspect drew his gun and shot himself in the brain
Officers ran to the suspect, called paramedics and started CPR
With a round to the brain their efforts his death would not bar
Mob started breaking windows and into stores to loot starting to surge
Police quickly released video showing suicide in attempt to the kill the rioting urge
National Guard summoned, curfew announced and police arrived in force
No way was the city going to allow a George Floyd like repeat run its damaging course
We have now reached a sad disturbing nadir of police/black relations
Even a suicide of a black suspect merits a riot to show black and white guilt police damnation
Even as blacks in Blue run cities are shot by black felons in droves and die like flies
Why from BLM only sounds of silence not even the slightest protest murmur or outraged cries?
A travesty to the BLM that only blacks shot be police matter
And BLM supporters are given free reign regardless to tranquility and safety shatter

© August 26, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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