Sunday, August 16, 2020

Chameleon Harris Can Change Colors But Not Her Votes


Kamala Harris is a human chameleon able to change her philosophy at the drop of the hat
First to move into contention and vow Sanders supporters she went progressive just like that
Now picked as his VP who likely will be soon in the Oval Office if he wins, the light bulbs were turned on
Quickly with the fawning and deception of the MSM an image of “pragmatic moderate” was spawned
Unfortunately her time in the Senate comes with a voting tail
Tied with Hirono as the leftist of the left, a heavy burden on campaign trail
If as a chameleon she changed political colors to meet the environment
Can she not shed the past tail and new one as more pragmatically moderate to her be sent?
Lizards can grow new tails but chameleons cannot
Fortunately for us she is stuck with her intense leftist rot
With her “I demands“ and “let me be perfectly clears”
We will be reminded that in this leftist hack any sense of compromise has long disappeared
Like the chameleon’s lost tail that needed skill today more than ever will never reappear
We mere mortals are left with open borders, Medicare for all including illegals we should all fear
A Potemkin façade of law and order due to her role as former D.A. and AG
When she attacked the small users and turned a blind eye to the dealers on their drug distribution spree
We should rejoice that a woman of color for VP has been picked
But no excuse for not calling out her record and beliefs to put us in a class of sycophantic lunatics

© August 16, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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