Sunday, August 9, 2020

Rice and Harris Are the Final VP Picks to Run with the Mental Corpse

 And the Winner Is Harris or Is It Rice 

Rumor has that Hidin’ Biden has narrowed it down to two
Either Susan Rice or Kamala Harris will be on his ticket the Number Two Blue
Rice is still seething over having to carry Hillary’s Benghazi baggage on to the Sunday talk shows
To with a straight face have to lie that the video caused the attack, a lie we would get to know
After falling on her sword for Obama and Hillary and having a shot at Secretary of State disappear
Relegated off the public stage as a National Security Adviser we thought never again to reappear
Knowing Biden’s mental and perhaps health issues a VP slot is a ticket worth its weight in gold
Smart money is that Biden if elected would before the end of his term fold
Putting Rice in the Oval Office with a possible lead over both sides in 2024
As much as the poet who is a Stanford grad would like to see a 2nd grad in the Presidential Show
At Stanford the motto is “The Winds of Freedom Blow” not “The Winds of Lies Blow”
Harris the other potential pick has a problem harder for her to ignore
Her patron Willie Brown with whom she had an affair
And helped her to become D.A., AG and sniff the Senate’s rarified air
Has indicated to her that the VP slot is not for her
Better would be the AG as a stepping stone to the Oval Office insure
Do you listen and follow advice of your adviser you took to bed
Or do you thank him but no thanks and pursue the VP instead?
Decisions, decisions for someone whose sense of loyalty is probably nil
And would like more than anything to enter the Oval Office and exit Capitol Hill

© August 9, 2020July 27, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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