Friday, August 21, 2020

Systematic Racism In Blue Run Cities?


Once again the ugly head of systemic racism has raised its ugly head
Posing a challenge to us all to see if this curse we can from society shed
In urban cities the charge Is leveled that due to education blacks do not have a chance to get ahead
And with the criminal justices system more likely than not a black is doomed to prison or worse by the police shot dead
It is true that children of color drop out of school like flies
And those who stay in leave with basic math, English and science skills denied
Jobs are mostly nonexistent except for those of minimum wage
And to fill them the battle with illegal immigrants rage
In urban cities a shroud of total despair
The cupboard of solutions entirely bare
But ask the questions at these cities what is the common trait?
That condemns their residents to such an abysmal fate
Run by Blues whether white or of color for year upon year
No matter how much federal money no real progress or safety appears
If there is systematic racism in our Blue run cities maybe is from the plantation owner Blues
To keep their voting slaves under control to prevent any ideas of free enterprise to the curtain of dependency pierce through
At the RNC to those of color afraid to leave their homes or sleeping in tubs
What do you have to lose and maybe this year from the plantation Blue summons for your vote snub.
Those of you who think your savior Joe Biden will look after you
Be disappointed as his mental dementia grew

© August 21, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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