Monday, August 10, 2020

Even Shooting an Armed Black Shot While Pointing or Shooting that Gun Will Not Prevent a Riot

 Almost all of agree that the use of force by police should never go to excess

Regardless of the situation that many insure on the officer a heap of stress

Thanks to the video tracing back to the unauthorized beating of Rodney King 

Excess force that many blacks had felt for years but only their word against the officers to


      The public got to witness before their very eyes

 Use of excessive force that the police would routinely deny

 In a he said he said or if no living victim whose version does the D.A. select

 The arrestee or the man in blue who has sworn to the citizens serve and protect?

 To often human nature being what it is the choice was very clear

  Why we have a history of few prosecutions and convictions that are very dear

  Smart phones with cameras and surveillance cameras were soon everywhere

  Excessive force caught on camera for the public and the D.S.’ to be laid bare

  Blacks now felt they had proved their case and even if the excessive force was not on tape

  In many minds it had always been so and the dogs of outrage would soon escape

  Michael Brown was shot and killed not on tape and the false narrative of “hands up don’t

  shoot” was born

  The Blacks Lives Matter came into being along with Ferguson riots and peaceful protest

  apart torn

Soon demands that cops have car dashboard cams and body cams to encounters tape

 To insure that for the good of the officers and the public excessive force from being seen

 would not escape

 Since George Floyd’s death the nation has been torn by riots and lootings

 Great damage to black neighborhoods most affected by police excessive force or shootings

  In Chicago a black man was shot by Chicago police, sparking a rumor they had shot a child

  Like gasoline tossed on a fire, the flames of rioting this time in the Miracle Mild were

  running wild.                                 

  Police say the man was running from them shooting at them

  One prays that the scene is on camera to the violence and looting stem

  If not a nationwide wake-up call

  We have got to find a way to tear down our racial distrusting and dividing walls

© August 10, 2020 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet

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