Saturday, August 22, 2020

Bunker Biden in His Basement Praying Voters Vote Before Debates


Joe Biden may be a “decent man” but he is a man without any worthy record

When asked what has Biden done to merit your support very few should hop aboard

Gates, a bipartisan secretary of defense, may have said it best

Biden has been on the wrong side of history in every test

Hillary had her rope-a-dope cordon to protect her from the press

Today the MSM will go further and any difficult questions to him suppress

This for the MSM will be a campfire  for Biden of singing Kumbyas

Any questions of policies or impact on us will be viewed as a fatal  flaw

He will remain in his bunker fearful of showing his dementia trend

Hoping against all hope people vote early so to the oval office him they will send

Debates will his increasing mental fitness lack reveal

No teleprompters present to his dementia conceal

Early voting by mail before debates will not give those a chance to their vote revoke

Even then knowing after the debates they were victims of a really sick joke

Not since Garfield on a front porch

Have we seen a candidate so unwilling to the public carry the party’s torch

Message to the Blues is that if before debates  you vote soon

This country may be heading to the doom of all dooms

© August 22, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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