Saturday, August 8, 2020

Given Epstein Clintons at DNC a Good Idea?


After release of documents on what was going on the Lolita Express

Epstein’s Air Carrier to Pedophile Island where perverts could more than minors caress

Bill Clinton who may not have a lesson of dealing with interns learned

Is mentioned as a participating visitor which should raise concern

Biden though he has a proclivity for touching females old and young

More likely than not is not a pedophile outraged citizens would want to have hung

Maybe he thinks the Clintons attending and speaking at the Convention of the DNC

Will bring back energy to his life support campaign with images of Clinton in a reaping voters spree

Maybe he thinks Hilary will cement his appeal to suburban women to help him seal the deal

Focus on them and his VP pick will somehow his fading mental acuity conceal

But a wise adage is that if you hang around dogs fleas you will get

Better to escapades with Epstein and e-mail servers/ quid pro quo to forget

But Hillary on her campaign makes Joe look like he has just drank from the youthful fountain

Ready without teleprompters to sprint up an increasing higher dementia mountain

Problem also is the Epstein affiliation with Bill could get worse

Past history of sexual abuse with adult women could spark a rejection curse

Having Hillary with her deplorables, intense dislike and baggage requiring a fleet of Ryder trucks

Might be the turning on the virtual light bulb that from the DNC Convention these two should duck

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