Wednesday, August 19, 2020

76 Wild Days and Law and Order Sounds of Silence


When a pitcher is en route to a possible no hitter in the dugout
Not a word from his teammates that a major event maybe coming about
Total silence on his chances or who might the break the no hitter spell
Almost the same at the DNC as rioters across the nation are putting cities like Portland through Hell
Speaker after speaker silent on the looting and destruction
The idea of law and order swamped with violent eruptions
Only claim after claim that Trump is an enemy of democracy
Responsible for the CV deaths and joblessness put forth in lunacy
Biden emerges tomorrow from his bunker basement to take center stage
Will his teleprompter speech quiet the concerns over possible dementia that rage
This is probably an election like no other we have ever faced
Polarized beyond belief any civility or reason long since replaced
Polls show Biden in a lead but the gap is beginning to close
Trump supporters hoping the debates will Biden’s lack of mental fitness expose
Blues praying any chance of recovery from the pandemic stall
While the divisiveness should both Blues and Reds appall
76 wild days before one candidate will be pinned to the losing mat
76 days of a wild ride to Election Day so hold on to your hat

© August 19, 2020 Michael P. Ridley

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