Sunday, May 24, 2020

You Ain't Black Enough If You Don't Vote for Biden

Biden has been hiding for weeks down in his basement bunker

From gaffe producing questions he goes down in a mode to hunker
Almost similar to being in a Fuehrer bunker hiding from the Ivans 75 years ago
His handlers clearly do not want his mental state exposed by gaffes to show
Shades of a déjà vu of Madeline Albright campaigning for HRC
Claiming that if a woman does not vote for her there’s a special place in Hell for thee
Biden lets fly with the claim that blacks ain’t black enough if they don’t vote for him
Coupled with his proclivity for gaffes this misstep makes his campaign look very grim
For years Blues have assumed the black vote is and will always be their God given right
Election after election especially those to run urban cities it has propelled them to victory on election night
Then to the concerns of blacks on education, crime, and jobs to quickly drop
Biden in telling blacks how they must vote is a signal by blacks taking us for granted  must stop
Biden once claimed banks want to keep blacks in chains
But in reality it looks like Blues want to the chains retain
If a people are told for whom their vote they must cast
They live in a democracy that will not very long continue to last
Biden tried to claim the remark was all in jest
Desperately trying to erase a blunder in his Oval Office quest
Regretted he was just being too much of a wise guy
If only he were wise as it becomes harder to his mental collapse deny
Biden should listen the medical experts and get out of his home
Fresh air kills the CV and perception he has entered the failing mental zone
The United Negro College Fund’s slogan is “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”
For Biden “Such a pity to see the faculties of a Biden mind being too quickly erased.”
© May 24, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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