Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Worth More Than A Warm Bucket Of Spit

John Nance Garner is the only man to be a VP and a Speaker of the House sit
As to being a VP he supposedly said the “Vice Presidency was not worth a warm bucket of spit”
Today that evaluation may not water hold
Being a VP on a Biden ticket may be like winning the ring of gold
Listening to Biden hiding in his basement bunker
Like the Fuhrer escaping the realities of the Red Army he can hunker
Shielded from the campaign trail, shielded from reporters
Who like many can see what looks failing mental disorders
The steady stream of pauses and gaffes
That used to say “That’s Joe being Joe” and make us laugh
Now seem much more serious, much more worse
Looks more and more like the progress of dementia’s curse
Here is a wager I think one could take to the bank
A stroke could kill him or put his mental stake in the tank
If alive but dementia continued to kill his mind
The 25th would cause his presidency to unwind
The vice president would then the rest of his term serve
Which is why more than ever a careful examination of their qualifications is deserved
Abrams on qualification is she has none other than being a woman and being black
Whitmer’s is that you couldn’t paint your house or buy carpet to lay and then tack
Klobuchar is probably too moderate for the progressive wing
Harris’ school busing will not to Biden fond debate memories to bring
Not sure whom the Biden camp will want to select
But it has to be someone that as a president voters would want to elect
If somehow dementia or strokes do not his ability to serve out his term derail
Look for Jill to morph into a Mrs. Wilson to try to help him against the stress of the office prevail.
Since another safe bet would be Biden would serve if lucky only one term
A vice president who might be a shadow president would have a leg up on other Blues to the Oval Office earn.
© May 20, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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