Monday, May 4, 2020

Like a Lemon Car Lemon Breaks Down Again

Don Lemon is up to his old bias tricks again
Like a lemon car it’s not if he breaks down but when
It has been 53 years since the White House once again looked like Camelot
With a First Lady speaking more languages than English and the grace and beauty most have sought
Michelle with her gardens and her we go high when they go low
Was likeable and admired by many as First Ladies go
But a sense of elegance almost royalty like, she did not bestow
Into a Jacqueline Kennedy type First Lady she did not grow
Melania Trump on the other hand multi inguinal and a fashion icon
Eyes and heads turned whenever she gracefully walked across the White House Lawn
Trump older than Jack does not have his youthful air
But possessed a different kind of pack the crowds pleasing flair
We have never seen their grade transcripts
My money is on Trump’s smarts to Obama’s easily whip
But Lemon suffers from his bias from TDS Stage 4
Cannot rise above and can only Trump’s achievements ignore
Thanks to him we now know another symptom of the TDS disease
Cataracts so thick and opaque when it comes to beauty, he no longer sees
Like a broken down lemon he should be towed back to the CNN lot
To join the other broken down “journalists” and off the air rot
Spare us from his stream of biased bunk
His engine and valves clogged TDS gunk 
© May 4, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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