Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Some Politicians Getting Full Pay As Residents From Shutdowns Suffer

“We are all in this together” politicians love to exhort to get citizens to shut downs to follow
But for those not working when politicians are getting paid rings very hollow
For a few governors and mayors in this time of struggle they may have seen the light
With their constituents frustrated over unemployment checks not being paid seems only right
But not all, not Cuomo of New York whose salary is 200 grand
Odd, from a governor who has the blood of  over 5,800 nursing home patient deaths on his hands
Not De Blasio who makes $254,392 whose competency is that of a fool
He would be hard pressed to a village of a 1000 people rule
Not Murphy of New Jersey who makes $175,000 with a furlough bill of state employees on his desk
With a state facing a $2.75 billion deficit compared to California not as grotesque
Newsom and Whitmer have read the tea leaves of anger rising
Have both volunteered to a 10% pay cut which is not surprising
Mayor Garcetti whose salary and benefits ranks at number 2 in mayoral comp  at 257 grand
Is proposing furloughs of city employees equal to 10% salaries lost but on his don’t know yet where he stands
10% is a good start but for a now jobless due to stay at home order the pain with no unemployment does not compare
As tensions and protests over stay at home rises the aloof elite must more of the pain share
Then it’s a valid mantra “We are in this together
Together this storm we will weather!”
© May 20, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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