Sunday, May 31, 2020

Cremation of the Memory of a Gentle Giant George Floyd

What happened to George Floyd was a heinous disgrace
Perpetrated by a rogue cop who long ago from the force should have been replaced
The memory of George to his friends and parents was that of a quiet, gentle giant
Videos show him being walked to a police car cuffed and compliant
Then we see him on the ground face down cuffed and knee pressing on his neck
When it that position every police manual will instruct further force to reject
Chauvin did not and the cries of I can’t breathe were ignored
Doesn’t take a genius to know with carotid artery pinched off death is soon in store
From the 3 fellow officers who watched like immobile stone statutes
Not a word of protest to stop the knee pressing, standing only mute
After 8 or 9 minutes the damage had been done to no viewer’s surprise
This 46 year old unarmed, unresisting black man met a far too early demise
With a home invasion robbery sentence this man most likely was not a saint
And he had just been detained on a store owner’s forged $20 bill complaint
But serving your time years ago and allegedly passing a bogus bill
In no way gave the police especially Chauvin the right to him kill
Rightfully so whites and blacks were soon marching peacefully in protest to this death so tragic
But then as the evening arrived the numbers increased, and the anger morphed to rioting which appeared almost by magic
Minneapolis was soon burning, police cars damaged, stores damaged, looting unabashed
The barrier between peaceful protest and anarchy and violence soon crashed
The rioting with burning, destruction, looting, injuries, arrests and killings quickly spread
Even with curfews and National Guard troops across this land they could not stop the  violence that surged ahead
Each night the violence seemed to get worse
Cities hit with a growing  destructive violence curse
The memory of this victim in many cities has been cremated
With shops burned to the ground and areas devastated
The memory of George Floyd is like the ashes that stream up to the sky
Cremated by the wanton unrestrained violence that peaceful protests it denies
Racism may be present still after all these years
But burning down businesses, putting blacks and whites out of work will not make it disappear
Rather it will scorch portions of our cities leaving them economic black holes
Setting back for years equal justice, end to racism and chance for prosperity desired goals
If this gentle giant were able to speak down from above
“Time to the burning, looting and rioting into the trash can shove”
When the smoke cleared and ashes floated away
Working together we might have a chance to real racism’s evil allay
© May 31, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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