Sunday, May 24, 2020

Good Things Come In Threes-Re-elect Trump, Flip the House, Hold the Senate

All Congressional Districts the adage goes local issues prevail
But this year beyond the strength or weakness of the candidates another voice is heard on the campaign trail
A vote for a Blue seeking a House seat is also a Pelosi Speaker vote
Can we ever endure 2 more years of distracting hearings to devote?
How many millions did we waste on the Russian collusion charade?
How many times to listen to Schiff lying he’s seen collusion evidence to parade?
How many times do we have to witness a Speaker acting as a 4 year old tearing up a SOTUS speech?
How many times do we see her MIA back in Feces City with her ice cream stocked fridge in easy reach?
How many times when we are looking to reason and sane discourse
Do we have to put up with “obese morbidity” because Trump is trying hydroxychloroquine as a treatment source?
In the Senate the stakes are somewhat the same
A vote for a Blue is a vote for Schumer and an end to adding conservative judges game
An administration to be held hostage that all appointees do not pass leftist muster
Hobbled as we try to recover from the CV recession and our prospects lose luster
To recover from the almost 40 million out of work
We must have a House flipped and Senate held not going against Trump berserk
Unsaid but also so very true our recovery efforts will go for naught
If Biden, mental fitness concerns notwithstanding, somehow wins the presidential slot
© May 24, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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