Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pelosi On A Morbidity Obesity And Doggy Doo-Doo Roll

One would have thought the weeks of Pelosi at home in her district with her fridge with gourmet ice cream stocked
Would have calmed her, brought her some caloric serenity and the over the top rhetoric barbs blocked
Had that been the case we might have had a chance to sit down across a table
To try to show the public that compromise in the Swamp is not an empty fable
She must have known the her $3 trillion “stimulus” with no input from House Reds
In dealing with the Senate would prove to be a difficult time and a tough sled
No, Pelosi comes from a far different autocratic school
One that you attack not ideas but your opponent claiming him to be a fool
Guaranteed to have a negotiating conversation come to a quick end
Might work if you had both of 2 branches and could the minority to the shadows of irrelevance send
Here she has only one leg yet right out of the blocks
Attacks Trump as morbidity obese and his hydroxychloroquine use mocks
The next day on a roll she attacks Trump and supporters for having soles covered with doggy doo-doo
No matter how much one detests Trump not a fitting comment from the 3rd in power and top Blue
This poet will not attack her for her Botox abuse
Even refrain due  in her tax break “crumbs” comment that she plays fast and loose
But for the leader of her district which is a main homeless tent city
With sidewalks covered in needles and smells for items quite shitty
To ignore the retort of a pot calling the kettle black
She could be more constructive and not use doggy doo-doo to attack
The charge cheapens her and is not fitting for the seat on which she sits
Energizes the Reds to by flipping the House remove this biased hypocrite
Before that longed for moment insures that McConnell and Trump tune her out
Thanks to her this is not what Congress is supposed to be about
© May 20, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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