Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Lock Down For Thee Not For Me

One of the reasons that many of us find it hard to lock down orders follow
Is that the pious announcements we are all in this together ring hollow
Too often our leaders imposing the rules make it “it’s a lockdown for thee
But do as I say not as I do for there is no lockdown for me”
The examples of our leaders who, while 40 million are jobless, are still getting paid
Are making a mockery of their rules making it a disgusting charade
Blue governor of New Mexico shut the state down save for essentials needed to live
But she needed some jewelry that without which she could not herself forgive
Called a jeweler to have employee take her purchase and leave it outside employee’s door
To pick it up and her rule of not allowing curb side pickup till May 1 ignore
Witless Whitmer in the news the lockdown news once again
As she imposes arbitrary shutdowns and as to removal offers not if or when
Her husband demands the marina put into the water where the family boat is stored
After being told he is the governor’s spouse the marina owner the demand still ignores
After demanding that Virginia residents in public wear masks
Northam is seen taking selfies while in company of wife without one he basks
Chris Cuomo in quarantine leaves his basement to bike to property to check
As a brother of the governor and CNN hot shot the rules for mere mortals he can reject
Not to be outdone there is Harley Rouda, while OC residents are sweltering, enjoying a private beach
A pleasure none of his voters with closed public ones could reach
What these Blue tyrants seem to have missed or forgotten
Need to lead by example not by partaking of special privileges deemed to be ill gotten
 © May 23, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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